Burnt Out

I have peeled back this womb
I have crawled unto my tomb
The sun has burned to smoky cloud
I have lit the candle
I have burnt the candle upon this shroud

I have armed myself for
The blind sanctuary of my mind
Writing my obituary
To decry the solidarity of my life

As the candle flickers out of light
As the candle flickers we all…

I have broken the stones
I’ve wrecked my home
I have not found where I belong
I’ve drunken myself and now I’m gone
At least I’m honest

I cannot behold, I cannot be held
By this cursed flesh or by the spells
I cannot be told, It cannot be said
That Right or Wrong will keep me fed

As I flicker through the pictures
As I stumble through my life
As the wick-ed end consumes me
The candle burns out